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BMW M3 2016 Sedan – Full Review and Price

The BMW M3 is a true performance icon. A weaponized version of the regular 3-series on which it is based, it gets its own development code (F80) and its own name. On the road, the effort pays off. But the competition doesn’t sleep. Since the current M3 debuted, Daimler has launched its all-new Mercedes-AMG C63, and Cadillac is taking on BMW directly with the ATS-V. Both cars are incredible machines, and therefore BMW needed to refresh the M3 in addition to the changes made to the regular 3-series for 2016.

The alterations are less extensive with the M3. The head- and taillights receive a sharper, more angular contour, and up front, the M3 now illuminates the road with icy, LED beams. The taillights look more aggressive as well. There are also two new (extracost) exterior paint colors.

Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]:


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