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Compare VoIP and Traditional Phone, It’s Free

In a family with several children, it’s not very good to compare them with each other. Oftentimes this will result to a feeling of enviousness and rivalry. They would also try to compete for their parent’s attention. Comparing can be very harmful to the kid’s relationship towards each other. Comparing things can be useful if you’re trying to compare a VoIP service provider.
And this goes true even to different businesses offering products and services in order to attract customers; they want to compare their products/services against a competitor. Whichever provider that comes out best will get the fairer share of the market.
This is one reason why all business owners have developed ways to attract prospects, including all VoIP providers. But do you know what VoIP is?
The main technology responsible for internet phones is the voice over IP, more popularly called VoIP. As its name implies, this new technology allows any person to make voice conversations over the IP network.
Through VoIP, a P2P session is established by optimizing protocols as a group. This will result to an uninterrupted stream of digital data carried through the net. The two VoIP protocols which are now widely accepted are the open standards and the session initiation protocol or SIP. Voice signals are continuous in nature, and so it requires this session.
Now, three internet phones are being used, namely: PC softphone , VoIP handset, and the ATA or the analog telephone adapter. The first one is a software that makes use of the computer’s sound card, speakers, and microphone. The VoIP handset relies on your personal computer and is more complex than the first one. The ATA will not require you to have a personal computer because the high-speed internet connection is directly connected to it. These internet phones also have different softwares.
VoIP providers use any of the three phones and software. So if you have preferences especially with the hardware, you have to compare different VoIP providers. By comparing them, you will be able to choose one that has almost all your needs.
The VoIP provider is responsible for the initiation of P2P sessions. Aside from that, they also associate the telephone numbers to different IP addresses, and route VoIP data to other personal computers, to the mobile number or landline number that you’re trying to call.
Although VoIP providers differ in their hardware and software being used, the process of making a call is still the same. They only differ on the hardware’s processing.
Not all people are ready for this new technology. They still compare it with their long-trusted conventional telephone. In comparing these two, the biggest difference lies on the costs. With VoIP, you can surely cut down your monthly phone bills. VoIP is often associated with ‘free’ calls.
VoIP service is well-known for free calls for promotional or trial basis. However, when you sign up for their service, you will be asked to pay low-cost plans to enjoy the service. But this cost is lower than that of traditional phones.
Since VoIP is still new in the market, other people want to rely on their traditional phones for reliable connections and exceptional sound quality.
In doing a comparison between a traditional phone and voice over IP, you can see their advantages and disadvantages over the other. If you try count each of their good and bad aspects, you can come up with a good decision. It’s either you settle for VoIP or remain loyal to your traditional phone.
You alone can compare these two services. If you have a regular phone, why not settle first for a free trial period? Look for a VoIP provider which offers such service, you can find a lot of them on the internet. After the trial period expires, make the decision. Trying it yourself can give you a clearer view of how VoIP works.
If for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the result, then continue with your traditional phone service.
Comparing VoIP and the regular phone service will only be effective if you know what you need in a phone service. Most people who go for VoIP are the ones which want added features on their phone, one that only VoIP providers can provide.

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