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Departing Hotel Guest Questionnaire

Over the last three to four decades, there has been increased attention in the issue of customer satisfaction. Businesses have shown a great concern regarding the attainment of high levels of customer satisfaction in all the business sectors. The issue of quality has been a vital element, which has drawn the attention of business managers. This phenomenon has widely been influenced by the increasing competition in the business world, whereby each business is fighting to get a share of the already flooded market. It has been of great importance to note that, adherence to quality standards and customer satisfaction plays a key role in influencing the performance of the business as well as manipulating customer behavior. A strong correlation has been drawn between customer satisfaction and business profitability (Akan 1995: 39).). Various empirical studies have shown that customer satisfaction leads to loyalty and trust to the business thus guaranteeing a ready market. With this in mind, there has been every need for the management to maintain a close watch on quality standards and customer satisfaction.

In the hotel and hospitality industry, the issue of quality and customer satisfaction has been more than inevitable. This is based on the increased competition in this industry based on the high returns accrued from it. The hospitality industry has been one of the hotly competitive industries, thus calling for the participating business to ensure quality standards (Bolton and Drew 1991: 375). In maintenance of quality standards in the services offered in the hotel businesses, the management has been engaged in varied research methods in ensuring they come into cognition of customer’s expectations. In this case, the guest comment card (GCC) has been the mostly used tool by hotels in mobilizing information from their clients. This is a small size, simple and easily distributed form of questionnaire. Managers are able to collect and record the information offered by the clients and adopt in improving their services. This paper will provide a research proposal into the topic of departing hotel guest questionnaires, whereby the concept will be profoundly addressed (Bolton and Drew 1991: 375).

Thesis statement

Departing hotel guest questionnaires are of profound significance in the hotel business. Being an efficient research tool, they help in provision of vital information concerning the customers’ level of satisfaction. Departing hotel guest questionnaire give the hotel a chance to evaluate the quality of its services based on the correspondence of the clients. By so doing, they help the business in ensuring quality standards, thus being able to ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction. In addition, the performance of the business will be enhanced since the business will be able to establish customer trust and loyalty thus building a stable competitive position.

Purpose of study

The purpose of the research study is to come up with concrete information concerning the concept of departing hotel guest questionnaire. The research study will establish information concerning the history of departing hotel guest questionnaire as well as its significance in the hotel business. This research study is also aimed at providing information concerning the challenges faced in the execution of the questionnaires (Cardozo 1965: 244).  Additionally, the main areas focused by the questionnaires will also be reviewed as well as judging their worth in the performance of the business.

Research objectives

1.      Evaluating the history of departing hotel guest questionnaire and the various feedbacks.

2.      Discussing and analyzing the significance of departing hotel guest questionnaire.

3.      Evaluating the challenges faced by hotel managers in execution of questionnaires as well as analysis the information.

4.      Providing real life application of departing hotel guest questionnaire in the hotel business.


Departing hotel guest questionnaire is a old research tool that has gained its importance in the hospitality industry. The questionnaires have been very vital in enhancing the information of management concerning the quality standards of their services. Through the adoption of departing hotel guest questionnaire, hotel managers are able to evaluate the levels of customer satisfaction and strategies on measures of improving. In this regard, departing hotel guest questionnaire stands to be a very essential research tool in the hospitality business.

Significance of the study

The information mobilized from the research study will be of great importance in the hospitality industry. In this regard, information regarding the worth of departing hotel guest questionnaire will help the hotel operators to ensure its full adoption. The information from the research study will help hotel operators alongside other players in the hospitality industry to improve their operations. This is in consideration with the fact that they help hotel business to strategize on engaging in efficient and admirable business operations (Dimitriades 2006: 782).

Literature review

Maintenance of quality and customer satisfaction has been vital topics in the marketing field as well as academic research. Many scholars and researchers have done remarkable work and contributions into the topic, whereby they have provided useful insights. As stated by Jones and Sasser (1995: 88), every business has been an a continuous effort of ensuring it meets the expectations of the customers so as to be able to be able to ensure dominance in the market. This phenomenon has been profound in the contemporary society, whereby there has been a tremendous increase in competition. In the hotel industry, things have been moving at a higher rate, whereby the issue of quality standards has been in the foreplay. Both local and international hotels have been in the forefront in ensuring quality standards in their services. In this scenario, attainment of customer satisfaction is the primary cause of these efforts based on the influence it has in enhancing business success. Based on these insights, a variety of methodologies have been adopted by the hotel businesses in acquiring information regarding their services as well as expectations of the customers (Jones and Sasser 1995: 88).

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