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Do You Know What VPN Express Is?

VPN Express is a mobile app that will give you unrestricted access to web when you are using a Wi-Fi connection that blocks several types of services. This means you can go to any website you like and play any game you want without having to worry about receiving any error messages. This app is available for consumers that use iPads and iPhones. The customer ratings on the iTunes Store are mostly good. Currently the app gets four and half stars (4.5; excellent).

The majority of the people that take advantage of the services offered by VPN Express are college students. Many universities restrict access to certain websites and this may be the students only way to connect to the web. Popular sites like Steam and Facebook are just a couple of the sites that may be blocked by the school’s Wi-Fi settings. This is also an issue when you are travelling and need to stay at a hotel because they have been known to be pretty restrictive with their Wi-Fi connection as well.

While VPN Express was created in order to give you unlimited access to the internet, it also helps you secure all of your personal information while you are surfing the web. Wireless connections are notorious for allowing people to gain unauthorized access. The last thing you want is for your usernames and passwords to get into the wrong hands. Especially since this may give someone the opportunity to gain even more of your personal information.

The best thing about VPN Express is that you are allowed to download it free of charge. New users receive 300 MB of data for free, but you will have to pay a premium if you exceed that limit. There are two options for subscribing: You can sign up for a monthly plan or you can choose to buy data bundles which are available in sizes from as small as 1 GB to as large as 100 GB. 30 days VPN service (4 GB bandwidth) currently cost $1.99 as an in-app purchase.

VPN Express is a good alternative to standard web-based proxy services. It may not be confused with ExpressVPN, a virtual private network solution from another vendor. If you need a consumer VPN that works on both mobile and desktop devices (even at the same time in the Pro plan) and that comes with a NAT firewall for enhanced security on open WLANs, check out VyprVPN which I review on my site VPN Schendera

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