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Easy Online Car Selling 101!

No I’m not selling my car, I’m just making a video about how to quickly sell your vehicle and get a decent amount of cash. It’s a new year after all, maybe you want a different car to start the year off, or just extra cash in your pocket. Either way, in this video, I’ll be discussing how to sell your car online and what steps you have to take to prepare it for sale. I will also walk you through how to properly optimize your listing to sell your vehicle as fast as possible and attract a larger audience. I’ll be walking you through what websites are best to use, how to deal with purchase offers, and how to create an effective listing. Also I meant clutch, as in clutch pedal, but I know someone is still going to nitpick in the comment sections because who reads the description anyway. Also if you think I forgot to put an anime picture in this video, you’d be wrong! Watch it till the end.

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