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Fastest Charging Electric Car and 10 Latest EV Innovations of 2018

The winter season of each year is characterized by a great number of autoshows and exhibitions where car manufacturers are trying to get ahead of each other presenting new automobiles, concepts, technology and their vision of the upcoming year, as well as the reconsidered image of the nearest future. The beginning of 2018 in turn, was rocked by the presentation of the first electric car powered by solid state batteries, that allow fast charging and increased density.

The name of this wonder is Fisker Emotion and it is one of the many exiting electric vehicle innovations that the automotive industry has recently revealed. Today, we will be bringing you up to speed with the 10 latest electrified car debuts, that will be shaping up the future of auto transportation. Even if you creed is to live one day at a time, stick with us a little longer, we assure you that this glimpse into tomorrow will be worth your while.

Cars featured in this video:

Honda Sports EV:

Honda Sports EV is a two-seater sports car that utilized electric technology for improved efficiency and performance. It styling is rather old-fashioned and fun.

Nissan IMx

The latest concept from Nissan, is an electric crossover IMx, that stands for intellectual mobility.

Fisker E-motion:

The biggest newsmaker in the electric car world in the beginning of 2018 was Fisker Emotion that was fully revealed at the Consumer Electronics Autoshow in Las Vegas.


Even though rather unheard of until recently, the Chinese electric car startup Future Mobility launched a new car brand Byton.

Hyundai Nexo Fuel Cell:

The successor of the Tucson Fuel Cell has been unveiled and the newcomer’s name is Nexo.

Kia Niro:—kia-presents-vision-for-future-mobility-at-ces-2018/

Kia is going full on in the development of their electrified and autonomous vehicles. The best evidence for this approach is the latest Niro EV concept that was presented at the CES 2018.

Vanderhall Motor Edison2:

Edison2 is a lightweight all electric two-seater on three wheels. It was designed by a Utah-based company Vanderhall Motor and is already available for reserve.

Thor Trucks ET:

Thor ET-One by an American startup company, Thor Trucks, is an electric cargo vehicle with a hauling capacity of 80,000 lbs. The model with a 300-miles range is priced at $250,000.

Genovation GXE:

When designing the Genovation, engineers were tasked to change perception of EVs. We cannot but agree that they have already succeeded with that task

Smart Vision EQ Fortwo:

As a part of the Number One strategy, all of the brands under Daimler will strive to creating the most driver friendly electric autos suitable for car sharing. Driverless two seater Smart Vision EQ Fortwo is a building block in this endeavor.


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