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How to Charter a Private Jet

A Word On Safety

Commercial airlines are much more famous and well known among the general public than private jet charter companies. Therefore, for jet hire businesses, the challenge is establishing a level of trust with the clients that chartering a jet is a perfectly safe experience.

The first thing you should know is that when you hire a jet through an established charter company you will be flying aboard a private jet owned by an operator. Charter companies only use operators who meet stringent safety and maintenance regulations. This includes strict regulations regarding the maintenance of the aircraft you fly aboard. Therefore, you can rest assured that whatever jet you fly on, it will have had to meet, and exceed, these safety regulations.

Secondly, most private jet pilots will be older pilots who previously flew commercial airliners. With their many years of expertise and experience, from the second you step aboard your private jet you are in the safest hands possible. Safety is not an issue to be taken lightly and charter companies are always willing to re-insure their clients and answer any questions regarding the safety of private jet travel.

So how do I charter a Jet?

When you charter a jet, it's important to remember that unlike commercial flights, which are timetabled, private jet charter flights are unique. No two flights are ever the same, and each flight is tailor specifically to the passenger – you.

Therefore, "instant quotes", no matter what you have read elsewhere, are simply not possible. Whilst some charter companies may have instant quote forms, these will be estimates that are not accurate to you as an individual. The large point of private jet travel is that you receive a personal service from your broker.

So, your first step will be to establish a few important pieces of information, required for the broker to give you an accurate quote specifically for you.

  1. Your Name and Contact Details
  2. Where are you flying from and to?
  3. Do you just need a single flight, or will you want to return?
  4. How many people will be flying?
  5. What dates and times would you like your flights?

Your second step will be to fill in this information on the quote request form on your chosen broker.

When you submit your form, you should receive a confirmation email. The broker will then usually call you within a few minutes. They may wish to clarify your information, or present you with different options to chose from. After the call, you will then be sent a quote. The quote will tell you:

  • How much your flight will cost
  • What private jet you will be flying on

If everything is as you hoped – you are then ready to proceed with booking. All you have to do to book your flight is confirm the private jet charter with your broker and then make payment, usually in full.

But that sounds like a lengthy process?

We hear you – but remember, these are unique flights tailored specifically for you. You are flying exactly when you want to, and you are going to be able to fly closer to your destination than a commercial airline ever could.

And whilst it may seem a lengthy process, once you have done it once it becomes much quicker and easier the next time. So what are you waiting for? Charter a private jet today and you will truly never look back. And do not forget, it's OK to have questions or questions, you can always contact your broker for more information.

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