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What to ask before you rent a limousine

1. Ask if the rent is per day or on an hourly basis. Although there is a rental per day most limousine rentals also do an hourly shuttle. This could be expensive if you are taking it for more than 6-8 hours but if you need it just for a pickup from an airport, then you would want to consider the hourly rental option.

2. Do they give you a choice on a limousine? check this out. You do not want to pay for a hummer Limo when all you need is a sedan. Prices could be very different depending on the choice of your Limo. If you have a choice of a limo you will have a better shopping experience and value for money

3. Payment terms: Although most limo rentals require you to pay in cash or credit card, there are a few who do take checks. You will require to find your options first. Also ask if there is an upfront fee. You may also want to consider renting a limo online for a wider range of payment options

4. Also ask for special rates and discounts. you may never know when you may get a great deal on one of the rentals for an affordable price.

Also make sure that you go through the rules and regulations of each rental company to find out any hidden costs / terms etc. Always try to get the exact figure for the service you require. Your choice for brands are immense from Mitsubishi Dignity, Lincoln Town car, Toyota Century, Holden Statesman and Nissan President and you could simply be choosing from the big lot of them.

Always make sure that you choose the limo depending on the occasion you do not want a Red limo for a business and a black limo for a date would look a bit too out of place

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