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Relax – Rent a Vacation Home

The real estate market in Central Florida really took off from 2003 to 2006, and this is when a lot of vacation home communities were built in Orlando. Actually, there are almost as many vacation homes or short term rentals in Orlando than there are hotel rooms. In fact, Osceola County has over 8500 registered vacation homes alone, not to mention there are almost twice as many in Orange County. This is good news to Orlando visitors, with so many vacation homes to choose from it brings the prices down and quality up.

Another huge advantage of staying in a vacation home near Disney World is the spaciousness of these homes. Why would you want to stay in a hotel room with an average of 450 square feet per room when you can get your own private home which has over 1800 square feet? Depending on the size of your party that you are bringing to Orlando we have 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedroom homes to choose from. This will allow everyone to have their own bedroom to spread out, or their own place to sit on the couch late at night if you want to rent a movie.

When comparing the price of a vacation home to a hotel, the nightly cost comparison is very similar. However, when you compare the price per person and the cost savings advantages of a vacation home the decision is very easy. In Orlando if you have more than 5 people in your party you have to get two (2) hotel rooms, but in a vacation home we can fit up to 10 people in a 4 bedroom home. Plus, the ability to eat breakfast in your own home as compared to having to take everyone out to eat will save you quite a bit of money over your stay in Orlando. Plus, at night once you have had your fill of Disney World everyone can back the house and relax out by the pool.

The vacation homes in Orlando will definitely provide you more room for your family and a great way to relax and unwind. After all you are in a MAGICAL Place called Orlando. If you want to rent a vacation home please visit for a great deal.

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