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Timeshare Rentals in a Generic Way

If you are one of the millions of people who have put vacations on the back burner due to hard economic times, here's good news. There is a way to have a budget-friendly vacation at a great vacation destination.

The secret is a timeshare rental. Many people are not aware that when timeshare owners can not use their weeks they put them up for rent. That allows those who are looking for budget-friendly accommodations to get a great deal.

Is this a new idea to you? Let's take a closer look at the timeshare rental vacation concept.

1. Budget-Friendly. Most timeshare rentals cost up to 50% less than hotel rooms.

2. Space. Instead of a cramped hotel room, a timeshare rental gives you a home-away-from-home, with separate bedrooms, a living area, a dining area, and a patio or balcony. This allows everyone the ability to spread out and relax. Put the children to bed early in their own, quiet, bedroom.

3. Kitchen. Most rentals come with a full-sized, fully equipped kitchen. This allows for more cost-savings. You do not have to take everyone out to eat three times a day. And even if you're not excited about doing much cooking on your vacation, you have to admit that if you're trying to save money, a $ 50 bag of groceries goes a lot further than $ 50 at a restaurant. The kitchen also offers great convenience – have breakfast in your pajamas, fix healthy snacks for constantly hungry kids throughout the day, even keep ice cream in the freezer for movie night.

4. Washer and Dryer. Most timeshare rentals also come with a washer and dryer. In this day and age when the airlines are charging hefty extra fees for checked baggage, being able to pack light is a great advantage.

5. Resort Amenities. Your rental will include some of the resort's amenities, such as swimming pools with water park features, hot tubs, kiddie pools and children's playgrounds, arcade game rooms, and tennis. Some of the larger resorts also offer extra activities that could arts and crafts, dance lessons, karaoke, volleyball tournaments, and barbecue get-togethers.

6. Location. Timeshare rentals are available just about anywhere in the world you dream of vacationing. Take the family to Walt Disney World and rent an Orlando timeshare for just $ 56 / night. How about a girlfriend getaway to Las Vegas – you can get a timeshare rental there for just $ 54 / night. Maybe a man-cation to Cabo San Lucas for the world's best sports fishing – timeshare rentals there start at just $ 70 / night. Or a dream trip for the two of you to Maui – $ 43 / night. Maybe a honeymoon in Cancun – just $ 67 / night. And remember – not only are these timeshare rentals less expensive than hotel rooms, but you also get space and amenities included.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know the secret to a luxury resort vacation on a budget – great vacations can now be a regular part of your life!

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