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Vacation Rental Vs Hotels – Is One Better Than the Other?

Hotels dominate the world of vacation accommodations in Hawaii. With glitzy websites, a knowledgeable staff, and concierge aiming at your every whim, hotels definitely have their perks and pleasures for travelers looking for an amazing vacation. But are there any other options, and are hotels more beneficial than vacation rentals?

The answer to the first part of that question is an astounding YES! There are so many other options. Here in Hawaii, we have family friendly camp sites, homes that can be rented out weekly, and hostels for those individuals wanting a unique, communal experience. Let's start with the camp sites.

Hawaiian camp sites are plentiful and each site offers something different. We have everything from the true "roughing-it" scenario, to rustic camping cabins located just steps from the beach. While these sites are certainly far from luxurious, they are located in areas that all avid outdoors lovers will certainly appreciate. And most cabins are stocked with basic (yet sparse) kitchen gear, making your food needs during your vacation budget-friendly.

Vacation rentals are a wonderful way to stay in Hawaii for families and small groups. Not only can this be the most cost-effective form of accommodations, it is superb for families with children! Vacation rentals offer a home-like atmosphere, allowing your children to release some of their pent-up excitation by romping in the yard, being as noisy as they want (hotel guests typically do not appreciate bouncing, bumbling children!), And a full service kitchen to serve their every snack and beverage need. Vacation rentals can be located just about anywhere on the island, so when you call around searching for the perfect place, make sure you specify how close in proximity you want your home to be to the beach. Ask questions like, "Is the beach within a comfortable walking distance, is it completely stocked, what should I bring other than clothes, and are their markets / family activities / interesting sites nearby?" Also ask about the neighbors, how far away the airport is, and what's the closest city or town. This will allow you to Google the area and make sure that the location will meet your family's needs.

While I would not recommend hostels for everyone, I would recommend it for those free-spirited individuals who enjoy meeting similar people and those who enjoy minimal frills. Hostels are extremely budget friendly, mot are clean and well cared for, many offer organized ventures such as hiking and the like, and food is included at many hostels. Ask many of the same questions that I mentioned for vacation rentals … you will want to make sure the area is safe and convenient for transit.

By far, I believe vacation rentals to be the best option for the largest group of people, but it all comes down to your personal tastes and preferences. Remember, no matter where you stay, safety is always the most important aspect of your vacation! See you soon!

Source by Courtney Reed

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