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What Is Town Planning?

Town Planning (or Urban Planning) is a system that determines the development and use of land for a new town (or neighbourhood) or to redesign an existing space. This is done through strategic planning and beneficial use of the space and light, and the designs of the roadways, transport, water and sewerage systems, commercial and industrial use, energy, housing, and conservation.

In broad terms Town Planning can be separated up into two parts; strategic planning and land use management. Strategic planning is a long term plan of what will be happening in a year, or two years etc. This is used for future developments in Town Planning for whole new towns and also, for redesigning or developing existing towns. Land use management is what each part of land will be used for, this is includes building restrictions, zoning, water systems, sewerage etc.  

Town or Urban Planners are trained people who are employed by governments and communities to work with them to maintain and/or improve the quality of life through Town Planning. They make sure that the land is used to maximise effectiveness with aesthetics and practicality. Town Planners have to ensure that the designs are taking into consideration the general weather conditions of the land (flooding, extreme weather – heat or snow)

Town or Urban Planning has been used since ancient times. The Romans used a plan that had a central plaza which was surrounded by a grid-like design of streets; there were also diagonal streets across the central square for better travelling. They usually tried to design this with a river flowing through for water and sewerage. Town Planning, like everything else has developed through the years but there are some basics that are still used today.

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