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What's Your Worst Job Interview Weakness?

We tend to all have shortcomings. Your job interview weakness may be the way you lost your last job, your age, a long amount of unemployment, health problems, no faculty degree, anxiety, physical or emotional handicaps, a lack of self-worth, over explaining things, being too honest, being overqualified, not enough experience, or…merely an acute dislike for the whole stinking job interview process.

Maybe you struggle with a private look issue like weight, height, grey hair, no hair, an excessive amount of hair in the incorrect places…whatever.

Irrespective of your fears or job interview weakness, all of them fall among a pair of broad classes:

?              Things you have got no control over.

?              Things you’ll do something about.

Let’s address your specific job interview weakness inside the 2nd category. However, before we tend to go there, I want you to clearly see that a job interview rejection could be a blessing and not a curse.

No one needs to be turned down for a job…especially one you’re excited about. After all, you may be experiencing a lot of flip downs lately, and your self esteem is simply about totally shot.

Tip: Examine every job interview rejection as feedback. Try not to take it personally. The corporate is not rejecting you as a person. Once all, you’re not your job. Always try and find as abundant feedback as potential from people who interviewed you. Feedback is a gift.

True Story: Jon was a Product Engineer with a leading Automotive Tier 1 supplier. He lost his job in the wake of the recession. Jobs in his field were scarce. Despite a well written resume and countless hours of interview counseling and preparation, Jon continuously seemed to urge the thumbs down when every and every job interview.

If you prepared a checklist of Jon’s strengths, the list would be long and distinguished. His resume was well written and he had no problems getting interviews. However, he wasn’t obtaining offers.

Jon set to require action to work out once and for all what job interview weakness was holding him back. Therefore, he referred to as his close friend, Matt, who simply happened to be a Company HR Manager. Matt had interviewed, rejected, hired, and fired a lot of folks over the years.

Jon asked Matt if he would meet with face to face and do a mock interview. Most importantly, he asked Matt to please provide him brutally honest feedback, no holds barred.

They met at Matt’s workplace instead of a restaurant or somebody’s living room to create this mock interview additional real. Jon asked Matt to raise him powerful interview questions and then to please offer him candid feedback.

Matt was happy to oblige.

Jon’s worst job interview weakness quickly became apparent. He talked too much…or as Matt place it, “You over justify things, Jon.”

Special Tip: One amongst the secrets to answering interview queries is keep your responses short and sweet…60 to ninety seconds max. If your interviewer needs or desires more information, they’ll ask you. Providing an excessive amount of data, or talking in circles, puts you in danger of being rejected. The two reasons candidates tend to talk an excessive amount of are nervousness and lack of preparation.

So, you’re most likely asking yourself, how did Jon take this feedback? And, did it facilitate?

Yes…most definitely.

Soon thereafter, Jon got an interview with a terribly stable, profitable company located close to his extended family. Jon called his manager friend, Matt, and told him the nice news. Matt urged they meet again and do another mock interview. This point Jon nailed the interview.

And..he nailed the real job interview.

Despite being unemployed for several months, Jon was offered an edge as a Product Engineer for 10% additional than what he was earning at his last job. Six months later he got a raise. More importantly, he loves his job.

If your job interviews are ensuing in no offers, or you are feeling like your job search has hit a brick wall <>, follow Jon’s example. Raise a trusted associate or friend to try and do a mock interview with you. You’ll offer the duty interview questions. Ask your friend not to tug any punches. Merely tell it prefer it is. Then, work onerous to flip this job interview weakness into a strength.

Tip: It isn’t a good idea to ask your spouse or supporter to go through this with you. Folks who are too emotionally invested in you will either tell you the way wonderful you are, or they can hand you your head by revealing to you your every flaw.

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