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Worst Accredited Colleges No Better Than Diploma Mills

The market for accredited schools easy to pass and easy to get through is booming.

The list of marginal online colleges is expanding so fast that their numbers havellll gone up five fold in eight years. In fact, because the worst list has grown so fast as more and more traditional schools have climb on the bandwagon, there appears no end in site to the expansion.

According to the 2010 free edition of THE BEST WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS over 80 accredited online college providers are marginal at best. They provide little academic rigor and offer students virtually no chance of transfer to a top tier university for an advanced degree.

Each of these marginal online degrees providers are rated a number ONE on a ONE to FIVE rating scale. Top rated schools can achieve the highest rating of FIVE. Almost a third of the over 300 schools currently rated and ranked in the eBook are found numbered among the poorest category.

Moving like there was no tomorrow, students attracted to these schools fail to do the proper due diligence and throw caution to the wind. More often than not they will take what they think is the easy road to achieve satisfaction. As long as the word ACCREDITED is found to accompany the rated university’s name, they seem to care less about whether the school will do them any good after graduation. Schools of this ilk covet accreditation. As a result of being accredited, it gives them unlimited access to the government guaranteed student aid pot of gold. Regardless, most of these number ONE schools are academically poor at best with perhaps little chance of improvement.

In addition to their poor rating, marginal schools have one other thing in common and that is a marginal faculty. Online college faculty, according to top online schools, should be every bit as good as traditional faculty and carry with them equal or better credentials. It appears the current group of online marginal colleges is just throwing together faculty and degree programs left and right. Their university motive, it seems, is not excelling with academic high standards but to keep up with the competition and get in on what they perceive is the cash bonanza bandwagon.

The biggest players in marginal game are those universities that really have made a mark as easy to get into and easy to award degrees. Most are former technical training centers and practical business schools. Students dedicated to getting a real education know who they are and how to avoid them if they are serious about an academic credential.

Unfortunately, one of the saddest commentaries about marginal schools is that many potential learners are not paying attention that an unknown college’s alleged good education doesn’t exactly measure up under scrutiny. Many students who knowingly seek the easy road to achieve their education goal assume that because the school they will attend is accredited, it will get them promoted or improve their lives and income. Such students are in for a rude awakening.

Many marginal unknown colleges are lying in wait and laying the trap for unsuspecting students that cannot see whether the target institution is or is not a quality online provider. Often, by the time an unsuspecting learner looking for the quick and easy figures out the school is an accredited diploma factory, it’s too late.

Source by Dr. Fred DiUlus

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