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Benefits And Drawbacks Of E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is quickly becoming one of the most famous kinds of Internet advertising. This is because of its distinct and unique advantages. However, email marketing does have some drawbacks as well.

Email marketing certainly has a bunch of unique advantages over other marketing ways, both online and offline. Perhaps one of the most relevant advantages of email marketing is the capability to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort. It is possible to reach a worldwide audience with other types of advertising, but traditional ways, like through television, radio and the print media. But these are getting unpopular as they are not as effective and successful as email marketing campaign is, for reaching potential customers all at once.

Another big advantage of email marketing is it is extremely affordable as compared to other types of marketing, including Internet marketing. The costs associated with email marketing services are minimal. Ideally in this, you will already have a list of email recipients who are interested in your products and services so there is no cost associated with fetching a list of email addresses. Additionally the cost to send out emails is not much and can be considered a part of your regular operating costs. All of these factors already make email marketing extremely cost saving.

However, there is some expense involved in email marketing. Costs involved in writing the advertisements and creating any graphics which will accompany the email advertisements. For this the company will have to hire a writer to write the copy for the advertisement and a designer to create the graphics. Sometimes you hire experienced designers and writers, so the cost of hiring may vary widely.

The most obvious drawback of email marketing is the possibility of having your email marketing considered as spam. This is a very major problem as it could prove to be quite costly in terms of the profit margin for your business.

Emails in which content appear to be similar to spam perhaps automatically transfer to a spam email folder by the email system. This problem can result in essentially wasted time for the business owner because the recipients are not even viewing the emails advertising the products and services offered by the business. Additionally, they may result in complaints being lodged against your company for being a purveyor of spam.

Now that you understand the benefits and drawbacks of email marketing, you might be thinking how you can use email marketing to your advantage. The most important factor to consider is your EDL that is email distribution list. This should consist of potential or existing customers who have expressed a desire to receive emails with information and advertisements.

The content of the emails should also be carefully written. It should highlight the products and services you offer but should do so without appearing to be a hard sales pitch. A professional writer with experience in writing this type of copy should be able to guide you in providing insightful copy which also entices the reader to find out more about your products and services. Your email should act as as statement urging the reader to take a specific action such as making a purchase or researching a product.

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