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Best Price!!! 2017 Audi RS3 Sedan PRICE – REVIEW CAR

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2017 Audi RS3 Sedan PRICE – REVIEW CAR

The car we drove was fitted with carbon-ceramic brakes, likely to be an expensive option in the United States. More precisely, they’re part-carbon brakes: Audi has fitted carbon-ceramic rotors only to the front axle, with the rear still using conventional cast-iron rotors. These worked impressively well under hard use—sometimes in the face of wandering camels—and without any of the grinding or hesitation that often accompanies gentler stops with brakes of this type. In addition, the ride quality felt a good deal more compliant than that of the TT RS but with the large caveat that pretty much every inch of Oman’s road network seems to have been recently resurfaced. Adaptive dampers will be standard in the U.S., and these become noticeably stiffer in their Dynamic mode.

It’s always nice to feel wanted, and the decision to send us the RS3 sedan is proof that Audi Sport sees America as being vital to its growth plans. We’re told that roughly 60 percent of total RS3 production will wear a trunk, with U.S. sales making up a significant part of that. We’re sad to confirm that we still will do without the hatchback version (a brief experience confirmed that it drives identically to the sedan). Formal pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet, although we’re told to expect it will be around the $60,000 mark. That’s a huge amount to pay for a compact Audi, but this is definitely no ordinary A3.

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