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Dubai Hotel Apartments – the Best Choice for Short Stay in Dubai

Dubai is the most glittering star in the galaxy of Middle Eastern estates. The emirate is considered as one of the most famous tourist and business destinations of the world.

To cater the needs of pouring tourists and businessman Dubai offers a variety of accommodation choices. There is a range of luxury hotels, serviced apartments, villas etc but a new phenomenon is emerging in the form of hotel apartments in Dubai. These hotel apartments can give you the luxuries of a five star hotel while you can still feel at home. The hotel apartments are suitable for both long and short term stays in Dubai and of course the cost is much cheaper than stay in a luxury hotel.

The procedure of booking of a Hotel apartment works on the same pattern of a hotel style booking system. You do not need to get into the trouble of entering in any contract with the owner of hotel apartment and simply can checkout whenever you want. Hotel apartments are very luxury type of residential accommodation that is combination of a hotel room luxuries and apartment’s ease that are offered to a visitor to stay for a different period of length for stay for a few days to months sometimes even years. As far as cost of accommodation is concern the hotel apartments happened to be much cheaper in from hotels and are equipped with all the services that a resident requires.

Usually, the hotel apartments are located at prime locations with beautiful view of the cities high rise buildings and beautiful beaches .The apartments are fully equipped with all the modern day luxuries of a hotel like broadband connection & interactive TV, servicing and integrated kitchen and bathroom and other which are expected to be in a luxury residence.

Due to increasing tourism and business activities in Dubai the business of property and real estate is flourishing. Numbers of new residential projects are underway and chains of world class hotels are increasing day by day with the provisions of ultimate luxury and leisure but the hotel apartments are great alternative of the luxury hotels at a relatively low cost.

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