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Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic Offers Excellent Service for Pets

It can be quite difficult for some people to choose a veterinarian whom they feel they can trust for their pets, but one animal hospital in Manassas, Virginia works diligently to make sure that both the pet owner and the furry critter who visit are satisfied with treatment. Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic offers a large variety of pet care, from grooming, health examinations, blood pressure monitoring, and pain management, to surgery, dental care, laser therapy, and vaccinations. They also offer day care and boarding for pets who have to stay while an owner is away or as a result of extra medical needs. It does not matter if an animal needs testing for a diagnosis, a serious medical procedure, or simply a regular checkup—Independent Hill will work with the most current equipment and the most educated staff possible in order to see to it that its pets are cared for gently and appropriately.

This veterinary clinic was first established in the year 1992 by veterinarian Dr. Ross W. Moore and Dr. Tony Connell with a desire and passion for helping to take care of the pets in Manassas and the surrounding communities. Their main mission is to take in the animals who need them in order to save and improve as many lives as they can, whether they are big or small pets. They thrive on a three-way trust between themselves, the animals, and the animal owners by providing the best individualized attention and care, which they insist is no less than any animal needs or deserves.

Independent Hill’s main clinic is located in Manassas, where the vet staff  provide all the needs of cats, dogs, and other animals to the best of their abilities. They are available to provide normal pet services Monday through Saturday. While they are closed on Sundays, emergency pet care service clinics can also be contacted after regular hours in the event that they are needed. No animal hospital in Manassas is more dedicated to protecting the health of its patients, as they stress the importance of treating pets like family members and doing all they can to keep them healthy. A veterinarian in Woodbridge is also available for the convenience of those who live in the Woodbridge area, and the animal hospital in Manassas is also close enough that most people should find it easily accessible. As members of the American Animal Hospital Association, they even have thorough inspections done to make sure they are always doing the best that they can for their animals.

For contact information or to learn more about Independent Hill’s veterinarians in Woodbridge and Manassas, visit the clinic’s Face book page or their website at

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