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Internet Network Marketing Communication Strategy

Before you are even ready to begin your new internet network marketing business the one aspect you need to consider is communication. The phone is a network marketer’s best friend. What has made network marketing very attractive online is the fact that most companies today are involved with a global market.

This is great news because now you have the opportunity to prospect the entire planet. The cost to make long distance phone calls can be staggering and the chances of actually getting someone on the phone can be even more of a challenge.

The most popular form of communication that internet network marketers use is a service called Skype. It is a free service that you can use and the best part is if another person is using Skype you can call them via headset for free and in any part of the world. Talk as long as you like, because you will never pay one cent for the conversation. Skype also acts as an instant messenger service much like yahoo instant messenger.

You would be surprised how many people will add you to their Skype contact list. You can make group channels and your entire team can get involved with the conversation, very powerful if you want to show your potential prospect that they are going to get real team support.

To sign up for Skype simply go to or do a Google search for Skype. Talking to someone is the most effective way to build your business. When you are using Skype as a form of communication never lead in with your business opportunity, start with introducing yourself.

A person wants to know how you are going to help them. You should start your conversation sharing your story, not your business. If you want internet network marketing success it starts with effective communication. Building relationships is the only way to create long lasting residual income. You can do everything else right and still end up not making much money unless you learn the art of communication.

Skype Tips: Add your Skype Id on all of your follow up emails. If you are doing any form of email marketing include your Skype Id. If you are leaving comments in forums include your Id in your signature file. This will give someone instant access to you. People do things impulsively especially buying. You want to strike when the fire is hot.

Just because you are doing business online does not mean you will get people to sign up to your business without you. 95% of your prospecting can be done online without you having to personally talk to anyone, but that 5% is the most important part of your business. You don’t find leaders without talking and building relationships.

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