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Maruti Celerio Diesel | Comprehensive Review | Autocar India

Maruti’s first ever homegrown diesel engine is a landmark moment for the carmaker. With this diesel engine, the Celerio becomes the cheapest diesel car in India and also the most fuel efficient. Gavin D’Souza finds out what it’s like to drive.

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  1. izomusi March 8, 2018 at 7:55 am

    The issue is the extreme particle pollution created by diesel engines, not the slightly better fuel efficiency of diesels over gassers. Diesel pollution kills. The science demonstrating such abounds. Diesel exhaust even affects cognition, and temperment. Studies have shown exposure to diesel exhaust causes a drop in cognition, and causes people to become irritated, and angry.

  2. Mark March 15, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    I used to be a fan of diesel engines for cars and even owned one. No more. Getting rid of all diesel engines and all coal fired power plants given economical alternatives can”t come soon enough for me. Exhaust treatment for diesel in heavy trucks is feasible in the short term because the expensive exhaust clean up systems can be amortized over the long lifespan of the truck. Small displacement diesel automotive engines IMHO are not cost effective over the long haul given the probability of expensive emissions system repairs over the lifespan of the vehicle. As a 66 year old, cancer free survivor of leaded gasoline emissions and untreated diesel emissions (mostly from trucks) I want to continue the environmental clean up that has progressed over the last 40 years. Let the crusher eat all of the diesels. Go ahead and flame away.

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