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Migraine Headache Treatment for Different Migraine Headaches

When we mention migraine headache treatment, we open a Pandora’s box. There are different migraine treatments for different types of headaches, and some of the same migraine medications are also standard treatment for different types of migraines.

If your one of the lucky ones that has a migraine occasionally “maybe lucky wasn’t the best word to use, but many suffer every day” something as simple as Excedrin migraine or Advil migraine, with a few hours lying down in a quite room may be all you need.

But if your migraines are frequent, one a week of so, they need appropriate treatment.

First, find a headache specialist as close to your home as you can. Your probably going to a doctor or a neurologist now, “notice I said neurologist” and I hate to break the news, but all are not headache specialist.

Even headache specialist sometimes make the wrong call, and migraine sufferers still suffer. (You may be the best doctor your head knows.)

You should read, and study headache and migraines until you are quite familiar with them. Keeping something as simple as a diary may not only help you,  but will be of great benefit for your doctors assessments, and treatment of your migraines and headaches.

Many migraine sufferers have something that triggers their migraines, and headaches. (Foods and beverages.) If you make a connection, you could very well have migraine relief.

If you have a mixed headache syndrome as many do, your migraine headache treatment will be preventive medicines to decrease your migraine attacks, and abortive medicine for the relief of your pain after you get your migraine.

Also diet, exercise, stress reduction, and biofeedback may help your migraine and headache attacks.

As you know, your migraine headache treatment plan  can be entirely different from someone else’s.

I add this to a few of our pages. Don’t fall for the, I’ll just take a pain pill for the pain routine because you could end up with chronic daily headache. And you don’t want that.

Also, many migraine sufferers have refractory migraine headaches, these are the ones that don’t respond to the usual methods of migraine treatment. You could have a range of organic problems. Your neck (facets or disk)could be causing your  headaches, or your sinuses,and a few more issues going on.

In many cases, if your only having your migraine symptoms treated, you will not find relief until the cause is found. This is where the best headache specialist will prevail.

(Migraine headache treatment guidelines regarding acute treatment of migraine have been issued by the U.S. Headache Consortium. The majority of the evidence on which these guidelines are based was developed in clinical trials that excluded people that had refractory or chronic migraine. And for this reason, acute treatment decisions in refractory migraine involve a substantial amount of expert, clinical  judgement because the high quality evidence needed to guide therapy does not yet exist.)

In other words this is where you have to find the best for your migraine help, if you have an “unmanageable” refractory migraine headache.

Your migraine headache treatment could range from Advil for mild headaches to topamax, maybe a antidepressant, to blood pressure medicine for a preventive migraine treatment plan.”This is just an example.”

Abortives, such as the class of Triptans for a migraine in progress, are given to many migraine sufferers.

Even some type of migraine surgery for an organic problem that is causing your pain will help many.

If your one of the 28,000,000 migraine sufferers in the USA alone that can find the cause of your migraines, your migraine treatment will be much easier. And as we said above, some headache specialist will shoot for the cause of your migraines and headaches, where as many doctors will treat with the tested, and tried methods of migraine treatments that may not give you more than temporary relief.

If you suffer with migraines we hope you find relief.

All the best.

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