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Spend Time Camping, Hiking, and Exploring the Outdoors in Our National Parks

Do you love camping or hiking or just being outdoors? Ever wanted to spend sometime in our nations National Parks but just do not know much about them. A lot of people would love to spend a week camping with their family or maybe even spends weeks hiking some of America's great hiking trails like the Pacific Crest Trail but just do not know how to get started.

Family Camping might be the easiest of any outdoor activity. There are not many things you need to go up to the mountains for a weekend with the family. A simple tent, sleeping bags, some cookware, food, and a reservation to a camp site will get you going.

Traveling can be pretty easy as well depending on the kind of hike you are looking to do. You could start out with some short hikes around trails in your own area or you could visit some National Parks and try your hand at longer tougher hikes. The longer hikes will require you have more gear with you and you will want to make sure what you bring is not to much weight to carry while still having the proper supplies to survive out in the middle of nowhere.

If you are backcountry hiking you want to make sure you plan ahead. Know the area you are going to. Make sure you have some good maps, a compass, water, a good light tent, good hiking boots, a nice light sleeping bag, and a good pack that will hold all your gear and will feel good walking with it. You will want to bring some food with you as well. There are many great brands of dried food that is light to carry, easy to cook, and tastes good also.

If you just want to get out and explore our National Parks this can be done without any real preparation or without the need for outdoor gear. Depending on where you live and the time of year you could simply go for a drive to a National Park. Load the family or just yourself in the car, pick up a map of the park and start driving. There are many places in our parks that can be viewed from your car. You can get out and go on short little walks or stop at some of the great viewing points that many of our National Parks offer. If you are not big into camping but still want to explore the outdoors this might be a good option for you. Most National Parks will have lodging close to the park so you could stay in a hotel at night and explore the park during the day.

This is just a short article about things you need, depending on your outdoor activity there could be much more or much less gear that you will have to take with you. Spend some time at National Park Place and you will find reviews on different outdoor gear, hiking trails and maps, information on our National Parks, and news about the outdoors.

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