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Survivalism And Preparing For Emergencies

The mindset of survivalism goes back to the cold war era and beyond. It is not a new way of thinking about being pre paired for the worst such as disasters, social or economic unrest or government takeover among other things. There have been some phases that survivalism has gone through; the cold war era with the fear of nuclear war, Y2K with the worry of computer trouble. Then we had the world trade center in 2001 where we had another rise in interest in survivalism and now we are looking at economic trouble and a government that many do not trust.

These days, people are worried about the state of our economy and will they have a job. This has brought about a distrust of the government and there are a new group of people who wish to be prepared for whatever may happen. These preparations could be just putting aside extra food for hard times to getting fully stocked to get by for a year on their own. There have been lots of gun purchases, many by those who have never owned a gun before because they wish to be able to defend themselves if crime gets worse.

If you are one that is preparing for emergency situations or worst case scenarios, don’t let the nay sayers bother you. Hopefully nothing bad ever happens and we can live our lives peacefully but at least we would be ready if need be to live as comfortable as possible in uncomfortable times. Survivalism will be around forever in one form or another, it’s just something people do to protect their future.

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