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The Most EXTREME Cars in the World!

Meet the wonderful world of supercar tuning, from the weird and wonderful creations by Mansory to the incredible power plants delivered by Brabus. The Geneva Motorshow acts as a launching ground for the latest modifications so let’s explore some of the most extreme cars in the world!

Kicking off at Mansory, we can start with the marble collage Bugatti Veyron, armed with diamond badges… Also on the stand is the Ferrari 812 Stallone, new Rolls-Royce Phantom, McLaren 720S and Aston Martin DB11 Cyrus.

Heading to a much more subtle stand, it’s Brabus and their new 800 power plant based on the E63S and S63 with 800 horsepower and 1000Nm along with some more subtle aerodynamic styling. Next stop is Okcu to see the ultimate interior of a Mercedes V Class if you want to travel in luxury! Continuing the exploration, we have Startech, Liberty Walk, Arden, TopCar, RUF, Klassen, TechArt, MTM, Chelsea Truck Company and Abt. What stands out to you the most, what’s your favourite of the tuner cars at Geneva?

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