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The Stylish Couple – How to Coordinate Your Formal Outfit With Your Partner

Weddings, business luncheons, corporate holiday parties, military balls, and cruise ship dinners are some of the many opportunities that a couple has to showcase their style and wear coordinating outfits. A stylish couple that is well put together can steal the spotlight at any event. It can be challenging to create a one-of-a-kind look that showcases each of your styles and also completes both of you. With a little bit of time, patience, and effort, you can come up with a show-stealing pair of outfits will yield favorable results at any event.

Casual events – For more casual events such as themed parties or social gatherings with friends, less is usually more, in terms of matching. You do not want to appear obvious, such as wearing the same colored shirt with jeans, and shoes that match in color. A less obvious and much more stylish approach is to coordinate patterns. For example, a man could wear a black and white striped or checked shirt with jeans and oxford shoes. His partner could wear a black and white polka dotted cardigan with a solid black shell, jeans, and ballet flats in a neutral color. The black and white theme remains the same in both outfits; the pattern theme ties the looks together in a not-so-obvious way.

Sporting events – During outdoor sporting events, you can show your support by wearing a hat in one color and a tee in a different color that supports the local team. Your partner could choose to wear a hat that is the color of your shirt and a shirt that is the color of your hat. This is a fun way to coordinate outfits without looking like you tried too hard.

Formal events – For more formal events such as weddings or holiday parties, business attire or formal wear is the appropriate choice. Coordinating formal wear is often much easier than coordinating casual outfits. The woman should always select her outfit or cocktail dress first, before the man purchases his outfit. A man can very easily transform his formal suits in an instant by purchasing a tie and shirt to match his partner's choice of dress color. If a woman chooses a teal-colored dress, he could easily pair a purple shirt with a teal tie or wear a white dress shirt and teal-colored tie. He does not have to match the color palette exactly; adding a complementary color is a fun way to coordinate outfits.

Coordinating with your partner can be a fun way to showcase your style as a couple and is a great way to connect with each other on a defect level. Some couples add an extra dose of fun by choosing what the other will wear to the event.

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