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Use Phone Power to Make Free International Calls Worldwide

Customers throughout America are raving and ranting about the excellent VOIP services offered by Phone Power. Have you ever wondered what makes them the best VOIP providers in the market? The answer is quite simple. It’s their clear voice quality, facility to make free international calls and fantastic customer support.

About Phone Power
Phone Power is headquartered in America and is one of the leading providers for VOIP services in the American market. They are well known for offering reliable and high performance services, applications and technologies to famous companies worldwide. The installation process for both business and phone customers is quite easy.
Companies at the time of registering with Phone Power services will get a Grand Stream 502 adapters, that will offered on a free lease basis to customers. Apart from this, customers do not have to purchase any special phones or softwares to make free VOIP calls. They just need to have a cordless phone or a handset along with an internet connection.

Features of Phone Power
Apart from making free VOIP calls, some of the features of Phone Power are as follows:
• It comes with a simultaneous ringing feature that allows users to answer two or more phone calls at the same time
• Companies can easily transfer their voicemail messages to their email accounts for further reference
• In addition to this Phone Power offers Caller Id, waiting, forwarding and blocking facilities to customers and businesses
• Good voice quality and connections. Calls do not get disconnected or disrupted

Phone Power comes with many plans and schemes that enable customers to make free international calls to a number of destinations worldwide. Before we go into details about these plans let us discuss some of the additional features of Phone Power

Features Availability Support Yes Guarantee 30-day money back Residential Plan Yes Small Business Plan Yes 911 Service Included Call Return (*69) Included Click-to-Call Included Fax Line (FoIP) Available International Calling Yes IP PBX Solution Yes Keep Your Number Yes PC-to-PC Calling Yes PC-to-Phone Calling Yes Virtual Phone Numbers Available

What are the Calling Plans of Phone Power?
Companies and phone customers can choose from a variety of schemes and plans to make free international calls. These calling plans are as follows:

Plans Price Inbound Minutes Outbound Minutes Cloned 2nd Line (Free) 2 years Monthly Plan $14.95 per month Unlimited Unlimited Yes 1 year Monthly Plan $16.95 per month Unlimited Unlimited Yes Monthly Plan $19.95 per month Unlimited Unlimited Yes The 12 Month Prepaid Plan $199.95 + Second Year Free Unlimited Unlimited Yes

These unlimited services are offered for 99.9% for the residential and business customers.

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